Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Do you charge for delivery and collection?
A. Yes we do make a small charge for this service, depending on location and size of order..

Q. How is the equipment packed when I receive it?
A. All our equipment comes in containers and is easily stacked and transported.

Q. When do I need to give you final numbers for my function?
A. We ask that the final number be given 4 days prior to delivery/collection.

Q. Do you charge extra for weekend orders?
A. No, you are only charged for one days usage, we deliver on the Friday and collect Monday, unless prior arrangement is made for collection on Sunday.

Q. What happens if I break or damage an item?
A. We charge for breakages, damaged and missing items. A replacement cost per item can be found on your invoice.

Q. Can I return the items dirty?
A. Yes we accept all items back dirty, however there will be a small charge.

Q. Do I need to wash the linen?
A. No, the cost of linen includes us washing them.

Q. Does the price include VAT?
A. We are not VAT registered, so the cost is the price shown.

Q. Am I guaranteed to get the item as shown in the picture on the web page?
A. We do our best to provide exactly as shown, but on some occasions we may give a substitute item.

Q. Can we collect day before and return day after function, without any additional cost ?
A. Yes subject to availability we are happy for you to have equipment the day before and return day after for no extra cost.